What is The SGIP Equity Resiliency Program?

Jul 21st 2010:18:30 pm

The Equity Resiliency Program is a unique pool with dedicated funding inside the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) that you may be eligible for.


Off-Grid vs. Grid-Tied Solar

Jul 10th 208:30:32 am

What are the benefits of grid-connected solar panels vs. living off the grid? Deciding whether or not to grid-tie your solar panels is usually pretty straightforward.


How to Prepare for Summer Blackouts

Jul 10th 208:45:59 am

These Summer blackouts are planned for your safety even though they are a pain to live through. There are several ways to prepare for these public safety power outages. As living through these power outages, ourselves, we have come up with a list of ways to prepare for the planned Summer blackouts.


Ways to Save Energy While Working from Home

May 6th 207:22:50 pm

While working from home is the new norm, your increased energy bill does not need to be. Typically, utility bills are lower due to working in the office or away from home. Here are some tips of different ways to save energy while working from home.


Battery Backup System – How Does it Work?

Apr 29th 208:19:52 pm

In the situation of a power outage, your Battery Backup System recognizes when there is an outage and turns on to ensure that your power will keep running. You will never have to worry about your power again. When combined with solar, this battery can power your home for seven days or longer.


Benefits of Going Solar with a Battery

Apr 29th 208:14:49 pm

When going solar, most of our customers choose renewable energy over their utility company to save money. Choosing renewable energy is better for the environment and allows you to save in the long haul. We understand that going solar is a huge investment which is why we want to help show you the benefits of going solar with a home battery. Below are the many ways you can save when installing both solar and a backup battery.


Why Infinity Energy?

Apr 6th 204:55:19 pm

At Infinity Energy, we are dedicated to treating our employees and customers like family. Our Energy Advisors dive into the why's of going solar with you and tailor your system to your unique situation. We understand that every household is different, which is why we give customized quotes to fit your needs. Infinity Energy strives to be different and below are just a few of many ways we differentiate ourselves from competitors.


How Does Solar Work?

Apr 6th 204:51:59 pm

The first step to understanding how solar works is knowing what happens when that the sunlight hits the solar panel system on your roof. The panel converts this sunlight into the electricity from a DC current to an AC current for home consumption. There are many different complicated ways this can be explained in regards to atoms and the different types of electricity, but it is really this simple. Solar panels were designed to convert electricity from the sun into energy you consume.


Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

Jul 10th 208:52:23 am

The Self-Generation Incentive Program is one of the longest running programs in the country. It began as a response to the energy crisis in California in 2001. It is a rebate incentive program that is only available in that state of California. In 2001, SGIP focused on smaller projects which then grew due to the impact it had. Since 2016, SGIP has funded just over thousands of projects.


How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Feb 18th 2010:28:24 pm

Determining how many solar panels you’ll need is the beginning step to going solar. To discover how many solar panels you need, you first need to look at how much energy you consume.


History Of The Solar Tax Credit

Feb 18th 2010:28:48 pm

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) created a new phenomenon of renewable energy in the United States. The goal of the ITC was to allow renewable energy to become more accessible to purchase.


Advantages of Solar Energy

Feb 18th 2010:26:07 pm

Going solar shows that you care for the environment, about saving money and that you are self-sufficient from utility companies. It is necessary to research the advantages when considering purchasing solar. There are endless possibilities solar will provide to ensure you have a better future.


Five Signs You Need A New Roof

Feb 19th 2012:14:57 pm

Knowing the signs that you need a new roof is the beginning process of replacing a roof. It is our goal to be transparent and educate the necessary steps to upgrade and maintain your household. It all starts above, with your roof.



Jan 3rd 206:01:01 pm

Infinity Roofing provides you the opportunity to design your roof the way you like. Partnered with Owens Corning®, Infinity Roofing uses cutting-edge roofing technology to maximize longevity and value for your home.


Battery Storage

Jan 3rd 206:01:57 pm

Adding battery storage to your home can help you save money on your utility bill and keep your lights on during an outage.


Solar Services

Jan 3rd 206:02:37 pm

Infinity Energy brings the future to your home with solar. We offer financing options and high quality products to fit your needs.